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Bridgette Monet Biography Photo Bridgette Monet Biography
Born: 6/29/1959
Aliases: Bridget Monet, Bridgette Money, Dana Cannon, Kathleen Cameron, Shelly

Porn Star Bridgette Monet is a raven-haired beauty who was one of the most popular hardcore stars of the late 70's and early 80's. One glance at the stunning Porn Star Ms. Brigette Monet will instantly tell you why. Plain and simple, Bridgette was one of the best looking women in the business at that time. She was tall and thin, with lust-inducing legs and full, natural breasts. Brigette Monet's ripe mouth and devastating brown eyes were a smoldering testament to her absolute physical allure. As far as Brigette Monet's actual acting skills -- well, let's just say that she was better than Amber Lynn and leave it at that. When the cameras rolled, she never really started to truly burn until the action started heating up. And then it became Nuclear. AKA Bridgette Monet, Dana Cannon, Bridgette Money

Bridgette Monet (born Dana Kunath in 1959) is an American pornographic actress who was active in the porn industry from 1980 until the late 1980s.

The raven-haired, brown-eyed Monet was considered one of the most attractive women to appear in porn. She was tall and thin, with full, natural breasts. She began her adult career as a nude model, then made several Swedish Erotica short films in 1980 and 1981. Her first starring role in a feature film was in 1982's I Like To Watch , in which she performed both boy/girl and girl/girl scenes. Of her lesbian scene with fellow busty performer Lisa De Leeuw a Screw Magazine reviewer wrote, "If Bridgette Monet and Lisa De Leeuw don't attract every boob man in America, this isn't the breast culture it's blown up to be." For most of her career, in heterosexual scenes, Monet (sometimes to the chagrin of her fans) mostly worked with real-life boyfriend David Cannon.

Monet also starred in one the first adult 'all-girl' features, Girls that Love Girls (1984) which also featured Little Oral Annie, Bunny Bleu, Stacey Donovan and De Leeuw.

Monet achieved some more mainstream attention when she appeared in the March 1984 issue of Playboy magazine, photographed by Playboy photographer Ken Marcus. In the feature she was referred to as "The Princess of Porn." Her pictorial was entitled Playing Doctor.

During her porn career, Monet began attending California State University of Long Beach to study medicine. Since her retirement from porn she moved back to San Diego County and is raising a family. interview:

Irony could be defined as Bridgette Monet. Sheís the hottest thing in films today, exuding a steamy frantic sexuality, while claiming sheís only in it for the money. Her beauty is awesome, her figure unmatched, with 38 Ė 26 Ė 37 dimensions on a five-foot ten-inch frame, yet she sees herself as a shy, maternal career woman.

She admits that she has a bigger than average sexual appetite, yet sheís content to sit home in lonely monogamy while her fiance hunts one nighters. Her two most popular films are ďI Like To WatchĒ and ďTalk Dirty To Me Twoď, but sheís seen almost no sex films, including her own, stays away while the other actors on the sets are doing their scenes and is famous among porno insiders for her objection to obscene language. Sheís vixen and schoolmarm, temptress and virgin and itís because of these seemingly irreconcilable differences between her screen and private life that Monet has never consented to be interviewed. Only after agreeing to the guidelines that her words be printed without edit and in context, that foul language be excluded and that her current homebase go unmentioned, was granted this first and only Bridgette Monet exclusive.

As predicted, Bridgette was a perfect lady throughout the interview. She was sweet, clean and polite and answered every question, as she puts it, ďwith a certain demeanor I like to maintain.Ē She came across not only as the kind of girl you could take home to mother, but as a girl who could be mother, so selfless and moral is she.

We think itís for real. She could never fake that bookish, old-fashioned charm so consistently. But we also feel that the horny, wild woman of the screen is just as legitimately Bridgette, a sort of alter ego freed by the cover of acting. Itís probable even that innocent Bridgette needs sexy Bridgette to stay so squeaky clean. Without the release of films all those dark urges would have to bubble over occasionally, making demands that would have to be unhealthily repressed or guiltily expressed.

So do it for the money, Bridgette. Believe youíre not gorgeous, not hot, not stiffening the collective cocks of American manhood. And believe that youíre not loving every minute of it. We know the truth and we love you as you are.

CAV: When did you decide to go into adult films? How did you decide?

Bridgette: I had gotten started doing some nude modeling and my fiance started doing some too, through an agency, and we just wondered if our agent handled people for adult films too. We asked the agent and he didnít know we were interested in doing films. So David and I stared working in adult films at the same time, working together.

CAV: Would you say that then your fiance was the one who was most interested?

Bridgette: No, not really, it was just sort of a natural progression of what I had been doing with nude modeling, but there was more money involved in movies.

CAV: Were you doing it for the money when you started?

Bridgette: Honestly I can say itís mostly for the money. I am going to school full time and itís my way of financing my way through school.

CAV: What are you studying?

Bridgette: Iím a biology major and I plan on going to medical school.

CAV: I think thatís a first. What will your medical specialty be? Urology?

Bridgette: I plan on being a pediatrician or in some kind of sports medicine.

CAV: I take it then that you plan to settle down and have some children?

Bridgette: Yes, I do. Not for some time, though.

CAV: Didnít you first work for Suze Randell under a name different than Bridgette Monet?

Bridgette: Iíve worked under a lot of different names. It wasnít until I stared work for Caballero Control that they came up with the name for me. It wasnít a name that I decided upon.

CAV: There are an awful lot of women in adult films with French names. Do you actually have any French blood in you?

Bridgette: No, Iím not French at all. I donít even understand French.

CAV: Itís said that you will only work with your fiance. Is this true?

Bridgette: Iíve been very selective. Iíve only worked with a few other people in the business. Itís only been three other guys since I started, John Leslie, Mike Ranger, and one other.

CAV: What is it about those men, or any actor that would make you work with him, breaking your ďfiance onlyĒ rule?

Bridgette: Probably the way he relates to me. I like a man who treats me like a lady. I donít like people who act like stars. That was the problem with a couple of the other people I worked with. Also I donít like to work with men who are smaller than I am, like John Leslie.

CAV: Itís really important to you that a man exceed your height?

Bridgette: Oh, absolutely. I really love tall men.

CAV: What about below the belt. Is size important there too?

Bridgette: Yes, it is. I like a man whoís built large. Iím a large person basically and it just fits better all the way around.

CAV: Youíre not saying that you have a large, ah, orifice, are you?

Bridgette: No, Iím not. Iím saying it just feels better.

CAV: Is your fiance built to specs?

Bridgette: Yes, he is. Heís over eight inches long and five around.

CAV: Is that your minimum?

Bridgette: Iíve never been with someone who was larger than that, but I think so.

CAV: is your decision to work only with your fiance to keep jealousy under control?

Bridgette: Thatís not it at all. Itís just a personal matter. Heís been very understanding about it all. I just havenít felt right myself about working with other people and itís not worth it for any price because of the way I feel emotionally about it. Iím really a one man woman.

CAV: Is it true that you donít like people to use dirty language around you on the set?

Bridgette: I donít think that I am prudish by any means, but I do have a certain demeanor that I like to portray and thatís one difficulty Iíve had with the business is the quality of language and just the general idea of everything being dirty or lowlife. I donít appreciate that connotation to the business and thatís one of the things Iíd like to see changed.

CAV: When youíre in bed at home then, what kind of words do you like to hear, what do you say when youíre excited?

Bridgette: I like to hear romantic things, of course, but I like to talk dirty sometimes too. It all depends, there are all different sorts of love-making.

CAV: Do you consider yourself to have a particular sexual specialty on the screen?

Bridgette: Not really, no. People have said that I give pretty good head.

CAV: Do you try to give good head?

Bridgette: Yes, I think about it.

CAV: When you and your fiance decided to go into this, did you go home and practice or watch a lot of sex movies to find out how to act?

Bridgette: No, really not at all. Itís something you just learn along the way, you practice as you go. You learn what it is the camera men are looking for and what it is the director is looking for and eventually you just learn.

CAV: You are in ďI Like To WatchĒ, a film that is doing very well and may be the biggest grosser of the year. They say you are the reason. What makes that film stand out for you? Did you do something different there than youíve done in your other films?

Bridgette: I think the impact of the film primarily is that it is a very picturesque film and the photography was pretty extraordinary in some of the scenes. As for me, I did have the lead part, it was my first lead, and I did have more chance to act than in some others, because I had the lead.

CAV: Who did you perform with in that film?

Bridgette: Lisa DeLeeuw, my fiance (David Cannon), and Mike Ranger.

CAV: Do you feel that your acting or your sexual performance was more interesting in that film?

Bridgette: Probably my sexual performance was better. I didnít have to act that much. It wasnít that demanding of a role.

CAV: Do you care about being a good actress if, as you said, youíre just there for the money?

Bridgette: I like to give a good performance while Iím there. I think itís important to be convincing. I think my acting has improved quite a bit since I first started doing loops and sound loops. I see people having trouble giving their lines and I donít want to be like that.

CAV: How do you make your sex scene look good if you find that itís just not working, that youíre not into it?

Bridgette: I fin that if Iím not particularly enjoying myself I blank things out, I wonít remember what was said or what happened later on.

CAV: Do you often get stimulated while you do your scenes?

Bridgette: Pretty much, for the most part when Iím with my fiance. Itís a lot different with him than it is working with others.

CAV: Does he have any secrets for turning you on when he sees youíre slow in getting into it?

Bridgette: He talks to me and that helps me to relax. We like to cuddle up a lot between takes and not get too involved with the other people on the set. Iím a lot more comfortable when I can cuddle with him.

CAV: Can you have an orgasm when you do scenes?

Bridgette: Unfortunately, thatís one thing Iíve never been able to achieve.

CAV: You mean on screen?

Bridgette: Uh huh. I do it at home with some regularity.

CAV: Whatís your favorite way to come?

Bridgette: Probably from oral sex, or from behind is easy.

CAV: Vaginally? Do you do anal?

Bridgette: No. Iíve tried it but was never able to get very far. Iím just not able to do it.

CAV: Had you had a lot of sexual experience before you met your fiance?

Bridgette: Not really. Iíd say that Iíve had less than ten partners in my life outside of work.

CAV: And how long have you been with your fiance?

Bridgette: Three, no, four years.

CAV: So you were nineteen. Did you lose your virginity long before that?

Bridgette: No, I was eighteen.

CAV: So you packed ten of them into one year. Thatís not so bad. What did you do, leave home and go crazy?

Bridgette: No, I think I just realized a lot after I lost my virginity and I broke up with the boyfriend Iíd been going out with for two years at that point. And then I just decided I ought to get a little experience, thatís all.

CAV: And what was the biggest surprise after this prolonged virginity when you finally went out to get experience?

Bridgette: I guess that it didnít mean that much to me to have a lot of partners. Like I said, Iím a one man woman.

CAV: You went with one guy for two years before you went to bed with him?

Bridgette: Yes.

CAV: And why did you break up with him after you did go to bed? Wasnít he any good?

Bridgette: No, it was time. Weíd already broken up and then got back together and it just didnít work out.

CAV: How did you arrive at the idea of nude modeling?

Bridgette: Well, my fiance helped. He told me I had a nice figure and that I could do it. I was tired of the part-time jobs I had and the money was good so I did it.

CAV: So in some ways your boyfriend was your mentor.

Bridgette: He just helped me out.

CAV: He likes to read menís magazines?

Bridgette: Occasionally.

CAV: How do you feel when you read menís magazines?

Bridgette: I think theyíre interesting, but in a way being professional has ruined everything. Iím always looking at everything critically.

CAV: Now you know that sheís posed that way to hide her skinny calves instead of to show her beauty?

Bridgette: Exactly! Iím always looking for those kinds of things.

CAV: How id you feel when you first saw yourself on the pages of a menís magazine?

Bridgette: I felt pretty amazed actually and it made me feel funny in a way, but it never really bothered me.

CAV: Did you ever feel insecure about your looks?

Bridgette: I still feel insecure. I have to watch my weight pretty strongly, so Iím always self conscious about it.

CAV: What do you usually weigh? You never look heavy.

Bridgette: I weigh under a hundred and thirty.

CAV: Not bad for five foot ten. How long do you plan to work in films?

Bridgette: I really donít know. A lot of people are complaining about my fiance and I working together so much and saying they canít use us if we have to work together. Caballero Control says they canít use us if we donít work with other people. I donít know how long itís going to last. I donít have any plans of giving it up.

CAV: Will you stop working if you canít work with your fiance?

Bridgette: Definitely

CAV: Youíre getting a lot of fan mail, does it turn you on to know that there are men out there fantasizing about you and maybe even masturbating to your image?

Bridgette: Iíve been exposed to a little of that, because Iíve been to two video conventions where people came up to me. Itís very flattering.

CAV: What would you find most satisfying for a fan to write to you? What would you like to hear?

Bridgette: Probably that he admired my performance, that Iím sexy and Iím beautiful. More that Iím beautiful, and that Iím the kind of person he could relate to outside of the movies.

CAV: Are you excited by the thought of these fans, though?

Bridgette: Iíve thought about it several times. Itís more overwhelming to me probably than anything.

CAV: Has going into films dulled your own at-home sex life?

Bridgette: It hasnít affected us at all, no.

CAV: Has it increased your sexual frequency?

Bridgette: No, Iíve had a pretty active sex life all along.

CAV: More than once a day?

Bridgette: Many times.

CAV: Whatís your favorite time of day for sex?

Bridgette: Early in the morning when I first wake up.

CAV: Do you ever go to see your movies in the theater?

Bridgette: Iíve seen two of them.

CAV: Do you enjoy seeing yourself like that?

Bridgette: Iím always looking for things that are wrong. But I enjoy them.

CAV: I bet your fiance gets excited when he sees you in the movies.

Bridgette: Yes, he does. He had seen movies before that time and itís probable that he had fantasized about me doing movies before I did.

CAV: Had you seen many sex movies before you started making them?

Bridgette: I had seen one. I saw it with a bunch of my college friends and it was called Barbara Broadcast.

CAV: How did you feel about those women who were up on the screen at that time?

Bridgette: I was sexually excited and at the same time horrified.

CAV: What did you look at the most in that film, women, men, cocks, what?

Bridgette: I looked at the women. Some of them were very sexual and exciting to me. And I looked at the men, of course. It was very interesting to watch the actual act of intercourse. I had never seen it actually before like that. I never looked at any magazines that showed it or anything before Iíd seen the movie.

CAV: You say that you found the women sexually exciting? Does that mean you do girl/girl scenes?

Bridgette: Oh yes, in just about every film Iíve made.

CAV: Do you find doing those scenes exciting?

Bridgette: Most of the time I enjoy it. Doing girl/girl scenes is always a low pressure situation compared to working with men.

CAV: Why is that?

Bridgette: Well you donít have to be concerned with him getting a hard-on or keeping it up and you donít have to do insertions, you know. We can relax with each other more or less in a girl/girl.

CAV: What woman have you really enjoyed working with?

Bridgette: I worked with Lisa de Leeuw. sheís very good, very professional, really easy to get along with.

CAV: Have you worked with any of the women who are renowned for getting into their girl/girl scenes?

Bridgette: Iíd say most of the girls in this business who do girl/girl are into it, enjoy it somewhat.

CAV: Did you have any lesbian experiences before getting into films?

Bridgette: Iíd had a little bit, my fiance and I. I went to one big party and we got together with another couple.

CAV: Did you like it? I take it you didnít keep it up.

Bridgette: It was really difficult because everyone was so shy and so afraid of touching each other. We didnít really know each other. It wasnít like a couple that we were friends with already. It was just people getting together to have a party and it was a very awkward situation.

CAV: So youíve never been to a place like Platoís Retreat where itís open and relaxed and people are falling on each other all over the place?

Bridgette: No I havenít and I donít think Iíd like to try it. I didnít really enjoy the large party that I went to with all those strangers so I donít think Iíd do anything like that again.

CAV: Exactly what was it about all those strangers that turned you off?

Bridgette: Just, that you feel so vulnerable, is part of it.

CAV: How do you mean ďvulnerableĒ?

Bridgette: Just like, if a person who youíre not very happy to be with is coming on to you, you feel obligated in that situation to make love to them.

CAV: Did you feel that most of the men you met at that swing party were less than desirable?

Bridgette: Yes.

CAV: Have you done any group scenes in your films?

Bridgette: Iíve done a couple with me and another girl and my fiance and thatís about all. I havenít really done a group.

CAV: Never did any threesomes with your boyfriend and another girl in real life?

Bridgette: No, just that party and the other couple.

CAV: Think it would make you jealous?

Bridgette: Probably not. Thatís one thing that we have said that we would do in the movies is a threesome with another girl. I donít think it would bother me that much.

CAV: Have you gone your whole life free from jealousy?

Bridgette: I think iíve been jealous before.

CAV: What does it take to make you jealous?

Bridgette: Probably if Iím feeling ignored and my fiance goes ahead and sees someone else. There are times when he just says ďGoodbye, itís time to go out with the guysĒ and whatever happens, happens. Now things like that donít bother me very much. But sometimes they start calling on the phone for him to go out with them and that makes me feel jealous. When heís actually planned it.

CAV: So you guys date on the side?

Bridgette: We have occasionally. But I havenít.

CAV: So he just has unplanned encounters?

Bridgette: Yes, Iíd say thatís probably fair.

CAV: I assume since you refer to this man as your fiance that you plan to get married. Do you plan to keep this one-sided fidelity after you marry?

Bridgette: Well Iím open to whatever he wants to do, because I want him to feel comfortable. I donít want him to feel trapped into a relationship. Heís the one who doesnít want that after marriage.

CAV: Letís get this straight. You donít care what he does and he demands that you become monogamous if you marry?

Bridgette: Uh huh. I would like to be monogamous after we got married, but thatís the main reason we havenít gotten married is because I want him to feel comfortable with whatever we decide. If he wants to go out with other people Iíll be comfortable with it.

CAV: You really knock yourself out being nice to this guy.

Bridgette: I try to, heís pretty important to me.

CAV: Do you think youíre primarily a dominant or submissive person?

Bridgette: Heís probably more dominant than I am. Iím pretty easy to get along with. But we try an awful lot and we share an awful lot of our household duties. We share everything. There is really not much of one dominating the other.

CAV: But do you ever play any dominant/submissive games?

Bridgette: Weíve tried just a couple of little silly things, like tying up with rope and different things to the corner of the bed and stuff.

CAV: Who tied who?

Bridgette: We both tried it. Itís fun, you know.

CAV: How about spanking?

Bridgette: Not really, no.

CAV: Just tying up?

Bridgette: Yes.

CAV: Do you have fantasies that go further than you have?

Bridgette: Iíve had some submissive fantasies, but I donít know how Iíd like it in reality.

CAV: Describe your favorite submissive fantasy. How far do you go?

Bridgette: Probably to the point of being hurt. I donít like to be hurt at all. An example of what Iíd like? To be forced to spread your legs or whatever. Or being grabbed or tied down or being forced to do whatever the guy wanted but no tot he point of being hurt.

CAV: Do you imagine being tied face up or face down?

Bridgette: I think of being tied on my stomach.

CAV: Because you like being fucked from the rear?

Bridgette: (Very softly) Yes.

CAV: Do you like that because it feels primitive and animalistic?

Bridgette: I think about that, uh huh.

CAV: Was y our fiance the first man you played out these fantasies with?

Bridgette: Yes, it was all just pretty straight sex before that.

CAV: Did you give head before you met your current man?

Bridgette: Yes, I learned that pretty quickly.

CAV: In your first experience with oral sex, were you the one to go down or did a man do it on you?

Bridgette: Someone went down on me first.

CAV: Everyone comments on your beautiful breasts. Are they especially sensitive?

Bridgette: Yes, very.

CAV: What do you like to have done to them?

Bridgette: I like to have them cupped and held and I like to have them sucked and nibbled on lightly.

CAV: How do you like a man to give you head?

Bridgette: I donít know how to respond.

CAV: Do you like him to use his finger along with his mouth?

Bridgette: Yes, I do. I like him to put his finger in me.

CAV: That sounds pretty normal. What do you feel weíre not covering in this interview?

Bridgette: The image that this business has is the most important thing to me. Itís something that Iíd like to see changed and I think it is slowly changing. And I feel there has to be more recognition of what the woman feels actually during these movies and even after theyíre finished. Practically every girl in the business who Iíve talked to, I tell them I work with my fiance and they all say ďThatís wonderful, I wish I could work out something like that.Ē People should realize that a lot of the girls really arenít as turned on as portrayed to be and that theyíre not as nasty and as dirty and as calloused and cold as they seem to be.

CAV: How do you think the productions could be made more enjoyable for the women working on them, then?

Bridgette: I think you could do a lot if the girls were just introduced to the person they were going to work with before they do the scene. I mean even prior to production, so they can get to know each other.

CAV: Would it have improved your scenes and made you feel better about working with men other than your fiance if youíd met them before hand? Would you prefer to go to bed with them before acting with them?

Bridgette: No, not for my situation, but I do think that most of the other girls would prefer that. When I work with other people, because itís not something I want to feel emotionally involved with, I like it almost cold.

CAV: In keeping with that then, do you prefer that men other than your fiance who you work with do external cumshots?

Bridgette: Probably an external, yes.

CAV: Because itís too personal? With your fiance do you like internals then?

Bridgette: I can be turned on by an external ejaculation and I enjoy internal ones. It doesnít really make a difference.

CAV: What is it you like about watching cumshots?

Bridgette: I donít know, I think mostly I like it on my breasts. I donít like it on my face. I donít mind it from my fiance, but from someone else I just hate it.

CAV: You like him to come on your breasts, huh?

Bridgette: Yes, I do.

CAV: Do you ever do it that way at home?

Bridgette: Yes, we do.

CAV: Do you like your fiance to perform intercourse between your breasts?

Bridgette: Yes, we do that occasionally.

CAV: What do you think is your best film?

Bridgette: I think maybe ďTalk Dirty To Me 2Ē as far as my acting is concerned, but they dubbed over my voice and that made me feel really crummy. I felt like whatever acting I had done was totally erased.

CAV: Why did they dub you?

Bridgette: I did all the lines all through the movie, but then they just took out my voice and put in another voice. It was because I was supposed to be playing a professional type show person and the producers just thought I should have a deeper voice. People always say I sound so young.

CAV: Do you watch your movies on video at home?

Bridgette: Yes.

CAV: To turn yourselves on or for critical appraisal?

Bridgette: A little bit of both. Watching myself is not exciting, so I watch my fiance.

CAV: How does it make you feel when you watch your fiance having sex with you on the screen?

Bridgette: It makes me feel very lucky. Very, very lucky.

CAV: Henry Pachard has stated that the he made his latest film because of you and you gave a great performance.

Bridgette: I enjoyed doing my sex scene in ďBabylon BlueĒ because Henri Pachard just pretty much let us go and do what we wanted to do. We prefer working that way. Itís a lot more natural when thereís not a lot of starting and stopping in between to destroy the continuity of our scene.

CAV: We can assume that you had a good time doing that scene then?

Bridgette: Yes, I was into it.

(August 1983)

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